Photochallenge Week 3 – Minimalism

This week it’s time to step back and take a different approach, one I think of as more tranquil and peaceful – minimalism. There isn’t a universal definition of minimalism, but generally you want to capture the essential element of a subject with a little else as possible. Now, don’t confuse minimalism with simplicity. Simplicity is part of minimalism, but  finding a subject with few elements and free of distractions is far from simple. If you haven’t shot a lot of minimalist photos, this one could be quite a challenge.


This is one if my first experiments with my 10 stop filter and water:-


PhotoChallenge Week 2 – Food

This week is a subject that all of us have an opportunity to shoot — Food! At first glance, this might seem to be too easy for a Photo Challenge theme. After all, we eat every day. What is so special about food? Well, that is what makes it a challenge! You have a week to make your best image of some kind of food. Maybe you can photograph your very favorite meal, taking pains to arrange everything just right and getting all of the mouth watering goodness exposed and framed to really show off the meal.

For this challenge I decided to use a macro photo of a Love Heart sweet that I took last weekend.

Grow Up

Photo Friday 11.01.13 – ‘Pattern’

Another of the weekly photo challenges I intend to follow this year is, and here’s my first picture for “Pattern”


PhotoChallenge Week 1

Have decided that I’m going to make an attempt to keep up with a weekly photo challenge for 2013. There seems to be a few different ones out there, so I may flit between them depending on which has the most interesting subject, however for week 1 i’m going with and the topic is:-

The first week’s theme is ICON. This first “week” will actually run through January 12, 2013. Consider something iconic, or possibly even a religious icon. The word icon is defined as…

1. A painting of Christ or another holy figure, used as an aid to devotion in the Byzantine and other Eastern Churches.
2. A person or thing regarded as a representative symbol of something: “icon of manhood”.

And the picture is Santa!

Reading Parkrun 16th June 2012

Reading Parkrun 16th June 2012

Popped down to Reading Parkrun this morning to take some more running photos.